More universities adopt the Aspire platform

More universities adopt the Aspire platform as they continue to invest in learning resources to support student learning

JS Group is delighted to announce that a number of new universities have adopted the Aspire platform to deliver cashless learning resources bursaries to students.

For the 2017/18 academic year there will be new Aspire schemes at York St John University and Birmingham City University. Both will be supporting students with funds that can be used on campus and to acquire essential learning resources. Commenting on the two new schemes Peter Gray, Chairman and CEO of JS Group, said:

We are delighted that York St John and Birmingham City are joining a host of other universities who use Aspire. Both universities have impressive support for student learning and success and we look forward to working with them and to helping them improve student progression and attainment.

In addition, following a successful pilot in 2016/17 at University of Worcester which contributed to improved retention and performance, the University is extending their Aspire scheme to all undergraduates. A further four universities in England are running significant Aspire pilots in 2017/18. Peter Gray added:

The results at Worcester have been very encouraging particularly in terms of student engagement and improved progression and attainment. We look forward to working with Worcester and with the universities that are piloting Aspire this coming year. Pilots are a great way to assess the potential of cashless bursaries as part of a strategy to support student engagement and learning. We are always happy to discuss how Aspire could complement a university’s recruitment, retention and learning strategies.