JS Group enters into an exciting new partnership with Cardiff University

JS Group’s new partnership with Cardiff University will provide all students with disabilities with practical support for digital learning

Cardiff University works closely in partnership with their students to create a stimulating and supportive environment in which all of their students can thrive.  As part of this approach, the University offers a comprehensive range of student support and wellbeing services dedicated to helping all students make the most of their time at university.

A focus this year has been on supporting students with the move to blended learning and having programmes in place to address digital poverty and disadvantage.  One of the new programmes introduced provides students with disabilities funds that can be used to buy the resources they need to engage fully with digital learning.

Working in partnership with JS Group, the University is providing each disabled student with £350 that can be used to acquire the right resources that can make a difference for each student. JS Group will set-up the accounts so students can access their funds, provide a tailored online service for students to order their resources, support the scheme with an Engagement Partner who will help with student communication and engagement and will provide data on how the funds have been used and the overall impact of the funding.

“We recognised that that there is no one size fits all solution of our students”, commented Ben Lewis, Director Student support and Wellbeing. “Some need a new laptop, others noise cancelling headphones or a higher resolution screen whilst others will benefit from equipment for their work environment or from mobile data. We wanted to be able to offer our students a wide choice of resources and in JS Group we have a partner with a strong student engagement ethos and a commitment to delivering better student outcomes.”

Peter Gray, Chair and CEO of JS Group said “We are delighted to be working with Cardiff University and their Student Support and Wellbeing team.  The sector is well aware of the need to support students so that they can engage fully with digital learning and the scheme at Cardiff is a great example of providing targeted support and student choice.”