John Smith’s work with UK universities honoured at the 2016 APS Awards and Conference

JS Group is delighted to announce that John Smith’s has won 2 awards at the Booksellers Association 2016 APS (Academic, Professional and Specialist Group) Conference in recognition of the work it does to support universities and students throughout the UK.

John Smith’s has been named Academic and Professional Chain Bookseller of the Year. This is the ninth time in ten years that John Smith’s has won this award.

Irfan Jalil, manager of the Student Stores at Aston and Birmingham Universities, has been named as Bookseller of the Year.

Commenting on these awards, Peter Gray, Chairman and CEO of the JS Group said;

These awards from the Booksellers Association and the leading global educational companies are a much appreciated recognition of our commitment to delivering better educational outcomes for students and universities. We are passionate believers in the value and role textbooks and other learning resources play in supporting student success. Our job is to work with our university and publishing partners to ensure as many students benefit from the great resources that are available in the most efficient and cost effective way. The work Irfan does at Aston and Birmingham is a great example of how this approach works and adds real value to the student experience and student learning.

Peter added:

We are delighted that this partnership approach has also been recognised with John Smith’s named as the Academic and Professional Chain Bookseller of the Year. This award not only recognises the value and impact of our business model but also the commitment and professionalism of all my colleagues in the business.