Engagement Partners

Gursharon Kooner

Engagement Partner


York St John University

Gursharon Kooner

Gursharon joined John Smith Group in 2017 having had extensive experience working for a large international firm where she worked as both a regional manager and business development partner. Part of her role ensured that she was looking after more than 42 stores across England, Scotland and Wales. She was responsible for ensuring business targets were met, strategy was in place and she set out key areas of growth for both an individual business and the managers that reported into her. She takes great pride and passion in what it takes to be a successful Engagement Partner.

She is able to combine her background experiences to ensure that she can excel in key areas of engagement at University, whilst utilising various methods with an open mind to better engage students via routes such as social media. She has great relationships with her colleagues on campus; including lecturers, student ambassadors and third party providers.

Gursharon enjoys helping people fulfil their potential and has the common goal to help students maximise their opportunity at University.