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Case Study Salford


Salford Inspire is a great scheme for students!



Located in the heart of the Greater Manchester conurbation, the University of Salford has a bold focus on preparing students for life and work by pioneering exceptional industry partnerships. The mission of the University is to:

  • Educate the next generation of modern industrialists, innovators, creators, entrepreneurs and leaders
  • Develop the skills and knowledge needed to capitalise on the next industrial revolution
  • Work in collaboration with public and private sector partners to address local and global economic and societal challenges


As part of the support package for their undergraduates, the University has partnered with JS Group to introduce the Salford Inspire scheme that provides funds so students can purchase the resources they need for their course and for university life. Salford Inspire awards £150 to every home and EU undergraduate for each year of their study and up to 500 students from lower income families and lower participation neighbourhoods receive £500 a year.


The Salford Inspire funds are used by students to buy the resources, equipment and products they need to support their studies on campus and during lock down.

I spent my Inspire Funds on kitchen equipment, to help me with cooking at University! With this equipment, I’ve learnt how to improve my life outside of lessons by finding new ways to cook fun foods!


The Inspire Scheme has helped me all year round. I've been able to buy quality art supplies that I wouldn't have normally bought because of the price. During lockdown, all my art supplies were still in the studio and I couldn't access them, so I used my Inspire Funds to buy more paints, brushes and a roll of Frabriano paper to be able to keep producing work during lockdown.


“In first year, I used my Inspire funds to buy a good quality hard drive and SD card that I wouldn’t have been able to afford on my own. It really helped me because I could keep my work safe and I take it anywhere we needed to. In second year, I mainly got a lot of art supplies I needed which helped me stay creative and work in and out of uni.


I'm a media student and so I participate in a lot of filming projects, and to keep all of my footage safe I needed a device with good storage,so I used my Inspire funds to buy a hard drive that I use a lot. I've also bought stationery from the Inspire store. The store offers many more products, not just for university studies, but also for your student home, kitchen, gifts etc!



The Salford Inspire scheme is delivered and managed using JS Groups Aspire Engage platform and solution and we provide a full support programme for Salford Inspire:

  • Set-up accounts for each student.
  • Provide a tailored online store where students can check their account balance and status and purchase resources and equipment with their funds
  • Provide cards to students and the technology infrastructure for vendors so funds can be spent on campus
  • Provide comprehensive reporting on how funds are being used


Most importantly, we ensure that students know about these schemes and their benefits. Student engagement is at the heart of everything we do and we have an Engagement Partner on campus at Salford to work with student services, the marketing and communications team, faculty and the SU to ensure that students have a high awareness of how Aspire can help deliver the most valuable university experience. Our Engagement Partner also recruits Student Ambassadors to help promote the scheme and, most importantly, get student feedback on how the scheme can be improved.

Having the funds and being able to save it up each year is so helpful for me and everyone I have spoken to. Since money isn’t always there to spend on resources or facilities to help with learning and having the Inspire Scheme there just makes University a lot easier.




The Engagement Partner at Salford is Suzanne Riley who has over 25 years’ experience in management, having spent the first 18 years of her career in the banking sector, transitioning to the Higher Education sector 9 years ago, where she has worked in a variety of senior commercial managerial roles.
She returned from Australia in 2017, where she had been working as a senior business development manager, for the Australian National University, leading in the management of multiple international complex projects, consulting and executive training.

Suzanne’s experience is broad, having held a variety of UK and international senior roles within the HE sector. She is practised in delivering and developing new strategies, projects, recruitment, internal and external engagement and relationship management, to a vast array of audiences within the UK and overseas worked in student services and recruitment in universities both in the UK and Australia. She is passionate about student engagement and supporting student success.

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