Attracting and welcoming international students

Glasgow Business School Case Study

Glasgow Business School Case Study



The University of Glasgow is an internationally renowned member of the Russell Group. As well as attracting students from throughout the UK, the University has a long tradition of international students taking both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Today, the University has staff and students from over 140 different countries.

The University has strong ties with China and welcomed its first Chinese student in 1886. Today, over 1500 Chinese students study at the University. Particularly popular are the MSc programmes offered by the University of Glasgow Business School.


The University has been working with JS Group for a number of years on ways to ensure that the Business School MSc programmes can obtain the resources they need for their course when they arrive at the University in a streamlined, welcoming and friendly manner.


Working with Kristeen Daly, Postgraduate Team Leader of the Business School, we designed an approach where each eligible student receives a personalised Aspire Learning Card – the Enlighten Card – with funds from the University pre-loaded. We hand the cards to each student personally and explain how the scheme works as an integrated part of their induction. Students can then use their funds to purchase resources either online or in store at the start of their course. We open the store at special times for these students and, as most of these MSc students are from China, ensure that we have signage in Mandarin and staff fully briefed on the right resources for these programmes.


The students appreciate that the scheme has been carefully designed as part of their welcome and induction to the University.

The University appreciates the streamlined approach which has increased the impact of the scheme and reduced the administrative costs to the University.

hey worked with us to introduce valuable services for the Business School – from introducing the Aspire Card, to extended opening hours for our students, to creating a special section in store to make shopping simpler and more straightforward

Kirsteen Daly

The Business School has seen a continued growth in the number of international students attracted to its MSc programmes:

Glasgow Business School Case Study

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