Partnering with the University of Law to support digital access.

The University of Law’s courses for future lawyers and business leaders are designed so students can apply what they learn in a real-world context and they complement this academic experience with an approach to student support that has a focus on all students having a fulfilling, rewarding experience.

We have been able to work with the University this year on a number of initiatives that have helped their students with digital access.

Firstly, we set-up an easy and straightforward process for students with a disability to purchase the printers they needed to be able to take online examinations. The students could choose the right printer for their needs from a website we developed, and we guaranteed delivery well in time for their exams. Secondly, the University identified students facing digital disadvantage because they did not have a suitable laptop and we organised the delivery of new laptops to those students within 24 hours. Finally, we have worked with the University to provide digital poverty funds to students so they can purchase the resources they need to make a difference be that a laptop, noise cancelling headphones, mobile data or office equipment.

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