Sourcing devices and digital resources to support student study

As universities have suspended face to face teaching and are transitioning to digital, online solutions, it is becoming evident that not all students have access to the necessary equipment for study from home or accommodation. At the same time, universities are evaluating which resources from a wide array of content, platforms and apps are going to be enhancing the online services that they will be providing.

A number of universities have contacted JS Group to see if we can source suitable laptops, Chromebooks and tablets for their students and to suggest resources that could either be preloaded or downloaded onto these devices. We have experience of managing this type of service ranging from providing every undergraduate student with a tablet (over 15,000 at this institution) to supporting smaller schemes for specific courses or cohorts.

The range of services we can provide include:

  • Sourcing laptops, Chromebooks and tablets
  • Offering insurance and warranty packages designed for student use
  • Advising on resources
  • Managing the preloading of devices if required
  • Managing the physical distribution of devices to students

To find out more please contact David Marshall: