Implementing an ebook programme

Working with our partner Kortext, JS Group has implemented a number of successful and impactful eBook programmes at a number of UK universities including:

ebook implementation

These eBook schemes range from the two largest in the UK at Middlesex and East London where every undergraduate receives a core eBook for each module they take through to smaller schemes based on selected courses and pilot projects.

Working with these universities and their students, we have developed a process and resources to make implementing your eBook scheme simple and straightforward.

Process Overview

Working with our partner Kortext, JS Group has implemented a number of successful and impactful eBook programmes at a number of UK universities including:

ebook implementation

Select your students

Are you running a small pilot project, a programme for selected courses or a whole cohort programme?

The implementation process is the same but there will be differences on how you promote to your students.

Select the resources

what eBooks will be provided to each student and what other material such as module guides do you want to include on the student’s Kortext bookshelf? Our commercial team will help with the selection and for larger scheme we have the Aspire Reading List software that prompts and collates selections and provides administrative and financial approval functionality. We can also take data direct from Talis Aspire or other reading list software.

Set-up student accounts

this is a straightforward task that we will manage but we will require some student data to set up the accounts – typically student name, number and email address.

Integrating with other systems

there are three main integrations that we can manage for you. Firstly linking Kortext to you VLE and there are established plug-ins for Blackboard, Moodle and Canvas. Secondly, linking to your learner analytics be that SolutionPath, Civitas or Qlikview and, finally, linking to your enquiries system so, as appropriate, we can answer student enquiries about the eBook scheme.

Let the students know

A seemingly simple task but one which can let schemes down. This is where our Engagement Partners make a real difference working with your marketing and communication teams to ensure that there is a real buzz around the eBook scheme. Depending on the scope of the scheme, there will be welcome week events, first day of class presentations, drop in sessions in the library and targeted communications throughout the year. Your Engagement Partner will also organise any and all training sessions that are required.

Engage with lecturers and other stakeholders

High levels of engagement with your scheme from lecturers, the library and student services are key to its success.  We will run familiarisation sessions for all stakeholders, will give lecturers access to eBooks on Kortext and ensure that there is regular communication on the scheme as it progresses.

Driving excitement, engagement and usage

We believe that the success of an eBook scheme can be judged by the number of students who are benefiting from their eBooks and the level of their usage. So our Engagement Partners and Student Ambassadors work with lecturers and the marketing team throughout the year to ensure that students know about their eBooks and how they can help them with their coursework and assignments.

Data and analytics

One of the main benefits of an eBook scheme is that there is a wealth of rich data available on how students are using resources that can be made available to students, lecturers and personal tutors either directly or via leaner analytics platforms such as SolutionPath and Civitas.

Review and refine scheme

This usage data can be used to refine and improve your scheme going forward. This can range from improved title selection to more granular, module based VLE integration to adding in more resources such as assessments and assignments.


JS Group will provide the resources to help plan, implement and make a success of your eBook scheme.  These resources will include:

  • A dedicated project manager
  • A dedicated Engagement Partner
  • Our commercial team
  • Aspire Reading List software
  • Training and support resources

We will work with the main university stakeholders so we benefit from their expertise whilst minimising their time commitment:

  • Faculty on title selection, supporting the scheme and usage analytics
  • The library and student services
  • Marketing and communications team on ensuring students take advantage of the scheme
  • IT on data transfer and systems integration

To find out more

On how we support eBook schemes please contact David Marshall: