What do students think of Aspire Engage?

Every year we survey students at universities that have introduced Aspire Engage as part of their overall programme to support student study and success.

These surveys provide invaluable feedback and insight into have we can improve each scheme and better meet the needs of students.

Collectively they also give a good overview of how students assess the benefits of the schemes. One important feature common to all Aspire Engage schemes is the desire to support student study and over 65% of students agree that this is the case and that the schemes helped them achieve better grades.

The Aspire Engage Scheme has helped succeed in my studies

Aspire Engage Student Survey

Another common objective of the schemes is to drive student engagement and students across the country have a high recognition of the schemes and a very positive attitude towards their university:

I would recommend my university because of the scheme

Aspire Engage Student Survey