What do students think about Aspire Engage schemes?

On many of our Aspire Engage schemes we are fortunate enough to get detailed feedback from students on how they perceive the benefits of the scheme at their university.

Our most recent survey produced results that are in line with other surveys we have conducted over the past 10 years.

Knowing about the scheme before applying to university

For 46% of students, they had received or researched information about the scheme before deciding to apply.  For 54% of students, the first they knew about the scheme was when they arrived on campus.  This is in line with previous surveys.  For those students who do know about the scheme it is typically one of the top reasons for choosing their university behind choice of course and location.  One of our priorities for 2019/20 will be to work with our partner universities to ensure that more prospective students know the Aspire Engage schemes available.

Perception of the scheme

Once at university and having experienced the benefits of the scheme, students’ perceptions are very positive.  The scheme got an overall 95% positive rating and this was reflected in the fact that 78% of students would recommend their university because of the scheme:

What do students think about Aspire Engage schemes?

Supporting their studies

Most importantly, students recognised that the scheme and the funds it provided helped them succeed in their studies:

What do students think about Aspire Engage schemes?

Building on this base in 2019/20

This response to a relatively new Aspire Engage scheme is encouraging and we will be working with the host University to extend the reach of the scheme.  It will be one of 25 Aspire Engage and Aspire Connect schemes that will be supporting the engagement, progression and attainment of well over 100,000 students.