Our Engagement Model

Many universities ask us what our model is help drive student engagement on our Aspire Engage and Aspire Connect schemes. Here is an overview.

For each of our schemes we follow a broadly similar process:

Stages 1 and 2 are managed by our Director of HE Partnerships David Fox who has been involved in the design of most of the Aspire Engage and Aspire Connect schemes and has a wealth of experience in what works in terms of supporting student recruitment, retention and engagement.

Once the parameters of a scheme have been agreed we go into full project mode to deliver the scheme. Each new scheme has a dedicated contract owner, commercial lead and project manager who can call on the resources of the business to deliver the scheme that has been agreed on time.

At the same time we will appoint an Engagement Partner who will be the main point of contact for the scheme on campus and central to our approach to driving engagement. The Engagement Partner will work with all the stakeholders at the University including faculty, student services, the marketing and communications team and IT to ensure that students are well informed about the scheme and the benefits it offers them. The Engagement Partner will also recruit student ambassadors to help keep fellow students informed about the scheme and its benefit and to act as a conduit to feedback ways to improve the scheme.

Finally, we take that feedback and the detailed data and analytics associated with each Aspire scheme and make that available to the University both in the form of regular reports and via the Aspire Data Portal which provides real time data. The goal of the reporting and the data is to provide evidence that the schemes are delivering their intended benefits and to help review and improve schemes.

We are incredibly excited about how well the Reach scheme is progressing, feedback from students is excellent and our initial findings suggest improvements in student retention, excellent engagement and fantastic partnerships between staff and students. This success is a real testament to the excellent partnership we have developed with the whole team at John Smiths, the team have been fantastic, their experience, responsiveness and high levels of engagement have made an invaluable contribution to Reach. We have enjoyed working together immensely and hope that this is just the beginning of a long and productive partnership.