How students rate Aspire Engage

One question that we are frequently asked is how do students rate Aspire Engage schemes, where do the schemes make a difference and do they help promote engagement.

We regularly conduct student surveys to gauge student opinion and to get feedback on how schemes and our performance can be improved. Last year, one university with an Aspire Engage scheme commissioned a market research company to gather feedback and opinion from their students. The headlines findings were:

  • 84% students say that Aspire has enabled them to buy study materials they otherwise would not be able to afford;
  • 76% say it reduced worry over general finances;
  • 81% say it had an impact on them being able to complete their course (39% said this was a ‘significant’ impact);
  • 58% said it had an impact on them choosing to stay on their course (23% said this was significant);
  • 90% say it improved the quality of their work;
  • 87% say it helped achieve their academic goals;
  • 90% say they got more out of their university experience;
  • 33% say that Aspire enabled them to be more confident in their academic work;
  • Aspire sets the University apart from other HEIs and could be a significant USP in recruitment, 48% students say it was a factor in applying;
  • Commuter students were very positive about being able to work at home as they could have their own books;
  • Aspire also enabled greater academic confidence, strengthened a sense of belonging to a community, enabled better support networks, supported employability, allowed participation in a wider range of activities, and promoted general wellbeing.