Aspire Tech in operation – Teesside University

JS Group has been working in partnership with Teesside University on the Teesside Advance scheme since it was introduced in 2018. Teesside Advance provides all full time Undergraduate students with an Apple iPad, keyboard & case, access to the Future Facing Learning Toolkit and up to £300 free funds to spend on learning resource via the Teesside Advance online store.

The scheme was introduced to enhance learning and teaching, supporting our students in achieving better outcomes.

The Teesside Advance scheme creates a number of engagement opportunities for the University:

  • Building relationships and working 1:1 with the school’s academic teams, across all levels, aligning reading lists and creating lecturer recommended book bundles and offers
  • Tailored online bookstore that is designed to follow the student’s learning journey making accessing lecturer recommended reading and reading lists quick and simple
  • Addition of eBook bundle options with the aim to drive more eBook usage and instant access learning support
  • Early Enrolment Events and Digital Learning sessions with presentations made to all students helping them gain access to the bookstore and demonstrating where they can find their books/eBooks and course leader recommendations
  • Lecturer presentations re-capping the Teesside Advance Scheme to ensuring consistent messaging and approach
  • Email and SMS contact with students offering support and guidance
  • Sandpit and induction staff training: providing full scheme information to all current and new staff ensuring consistent approach and message delivered
  • Using engagement statistics to proactivity identify courses with lower engagement and developing on-going solutions with the academic team to re-engage with these students.

Scheme Support during Covid-19

When the UK went into lockdown in March 2020 the Teesside Advance scheme enabled students to continue studying at home providing eBook access and we were able to continue to deliver learning resource to students.

It quickly became apparent that not all students had access to connectivity.  Working with the University, we quickly augmented the Teesside Advance scheme so students could use their funds to purchase either mobile data or a hot spot device.

This has already helped around 60 students that it would have been difficult for the University to quickly identify and respond to if the aspire funding channel and online store had not been available.

Having data on my phone made it easier to connect my iPad to my phone hotspot if I’m studying somewhere other than campus or home

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