Aspire Tech in Action – the University of Worcester

JS Group has been working in partnership with the University of Worcester on its Reach scheme since its inception in 2016.

Reach provides all undergraduate students with funds that they can use to purchase learning and other resources from the Reach online store to support their studies and success.  Funds can also be used on campus and to join SU clubs and societies.

With their move to blended learning, the University recognised that a number of students would be facing issues associated with digital poverty and disadvantage.  They also realised that this digital poverty and disadvantage would take different forms for different students and that it would be complex and time consuming to try to respond to the precise needs of each individual student.

The solution was to channel funds to students through the Reach scheme so that they had access to funds immediately and could spend those funds on exactly what they need be that IT equipment, connectivity, headsets office equipment etc. from the Reach online store for secure delivery to their place of study.  To do this, the University have created a special technology hardship fund that students apply for and as soon as their application has been accepted funds are available to the student on their Reach account.

This approach takes out the complexity of trying to respond to the specific circumstances of each student whilst ensuring that the hardship funds are used to directly address digital poverty and disadvantage.

For more information on how Aspire Tech could benefit your students please contact Peter Lake –