Aspire Thrive

JS Group is pleased to announce the launch of a new service Aspire Thrive: 24/7 support for mental health wellbeing and study success.

The purpose of Aspire Thrive is simple; our aim is to support Universities and their students: making resources available 24/7 that can contribute to the student’s mental health wellbeing as well as study skills resources that will help support their study and attainment.

Mental Health

Mental health is a strategic priority

Universities UK

There are an increasing number of students who are reporting mental health conditions.

If universities put this amount of pressure on students, they should give us hints of how to cope. I’d like advice mostly on practical matters e.g. how to prepare for exams without too much stress.

Universities have been responding to this growing issue by increasing their provision of on campus support and care and by taking a whole university approach to supporting students. We know that University – wide approaches are vital in tackling these important issues, which is why we have developed Aspire Thrive to support this.

Aspire Thrive complements that support and is a simple and straightforward way to ensure that your students have access to mental health wellbeing resources digitally.

JS Group has partnered with Trigger, the UK’s leading mental health publisher, to make available four accessible guides from mental health expert Dr Dominque Thomson that have been developed specifically for students. The four guides cover:

  • Staying Well and Safe @ University
  • Depression @ University
  • Resourcefulness @ University
  • Anxiety @ University

Aspire Thrive delivers these resources digitally so that they are always available 24/7 from any smart device. Immediately ready for the student to access at anytime and anyplace.

Even students with good mental health can experience challenges during times of transition which affect their wellbeing, and universities and colleges need to put systems and initiatives in place to support students through such challenges.

Office for Students

About the author

Dr Dominique Thompson is an award winning GP, young people’s mental health expert, TEDx speaker, author and educator, with over 20 years of clinical experience caring for students, including as a police and expedition doctor, and as Director of Service at the University of Bristol Students’ Health Service. She was named Bristol Healthcare Professional of the Year 2017. In 2019 she was nominated as one of the Top 100 West Women of the Year. She is also involved in the Mental Wellbeing in Higher Education working group of Universities UK.

It is vital that students have the mental health support they need to thrive in higher education – our universities are world-leading in so many areas and I want them to be the best for mental health support too.

Chris Skidmore when Universities Minister.

We also have other wellbeing resources available through our publishing partners. These resources are relatable to the main concerns and transitions students face whilst being at University with the aim to help them transition through it. Some examples include:

Study Skills

A second and complementary component of Aspire Thrive is a comprehensive selection of study skills resources to support students throughout their undergraduate studies.

Aspire Thrive provides resources that cover:

  •  Study skills
  • Planning
  • Time management
  • Essay writing
  • Citations
  • Referencing and plagiarism
  • Dissertations and reports
  • Critical thinking
  • Research techniques
  • Data analysis
  • Careers and employability

Provided digitally, these resources are available both online and offline to students 24/7 so they can access advice, tips and guides wherever or whenever they are studying.

Study Skills

All of the Aspire Thrive resources are made available on the Kortext eLearning platform as eBooks. In addition, we would be able to provide detailed and anonymous analytics feeding back into the University. Linking Aspire Thrive to your overall student support.

Two of the components of the whole university approach to mental wellbeing being developed by Universities UK are:

  • The alignment of learning analytics to student wellbeing
  • Supporting communities of learning

Data from Aspire Thrive will support both of these initiatives and this data can be integrated with SolutionPath, Civitas, Qlikview and other learner analytics platforms.

Aspire Thrive packages start from £15 per student.

To find out more about Aspire Thrive, please contact, Emma Farrow on