Aspire Engage

The purpose is to support students with the cost of study resources and to encourage student engagement and a sense of belonging.
Director of Student Services, Anglia Ruskin University

Universities adopt Aspire Engage, the smartcard bursary solution, as a way to promote student engagement and to enrich the student experience.

Turning your bursaries into engagement drivers.

Cash bursaries have always played an important role in financially supporting students but there is little evidence that they encourage participation or improve student retention.

Is there a better way to both provide financial support and improve engagement? More and more universities are introducing Aspire Engage alongside or in place of cash bursaries to do just that.

Benefits of Aspire Engage include:

  • Schemes can be branded and given an identity that can be promoted to students as part of recruitment and as part of the welcome programme once they arrive at university.
  • Funds can be directed at specific areas that support student engagement and progression such as learning resources, SU clubs and societies, health and wellbeing, catering and printing.
  • You can see how well they are working as detailed data on scheme usage is made available both so future provisions can be refined and also to correlate the impact of the scheme on student progression and learning outcomes.

Download the Aspire Engage Guide

We have recently produced a guide on how to implement Aspire Engage and this is available to download here.


Universities that have introduced Aspire Engage have seen their NSS results improve
at almost twice the national average.

To find out more about Aspire Engage can help drive student engagement, please contact, Matt Fooks, Group Board - Executive Assistant on